When you request a withdrawal of fiat, the money usually arrives within 1-3 business days for wire transfers.  You can review your withdrawal confirmation for the delivery date. The confirmation for the withdrawal will show you the current status of the withdrawal. You can review your withdrawals from the Transactions tab of the website. 

If you encounter an error, it is likely because of one of the following: 

  • The name on the account the withdrawal is being sent does not match the name on your Amplify account. 
  • You may have working limit and/or stop orders that are using the funds you are attempting to withdraw, and would leave you with insufficient funds to complete those orders. Please cancel the orders or adjust the amount of your withdrawal and try again.

We recommend you also contact your financial institution. Some financial institutions blacklist or have additional security on transactions related to cryptocurrency, and may be the reason for the delay.

As a reminder, you will not be able to make a fiat withdrawal until your account has passed our Know Your Customer (KYC) process.  If you continue to have issues making a withdrawal, please submit a ticket at this link.

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