You can review your withdrawals from the Transactions tab of the website. This will show the current status of your withdrawal, and is the best way to determine if an error occurred.  Here is a list of some of the statuses and errors you may see and what they mean.

  • Invalid - This means an invalid address was entered. For example, if you send the wrong type of coin to a wallet, such as sending XRP to a XLM wallet, the withdrawal will be rejected as invalid. Failure to include a tag or memo for tokens like XRP and XLM that require a tag will also result in the withdrawal being rejected as invalid.
  • Insufficient Funds - This means you have working limit or stop orders that correspond to the coin you are withdrawing, and the withdrawal would leave you with insufficient funds to complete those orders. Please cancel the related orders and try again.
  • Pending - Your deposit is being processed, and should be completed shortly.
  • Completed - Please review the wallet you sent your coins, as the order has been completed by Amplify.

If you continue to have issues with your withdrawal, please submit a ticket to us at this link.

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