Placing Buy and Sell Trade Orders


Amplify Exchange makes trading orders simple and easy to do.  

To get started, once logged in, click the Markets tab located at the top of the page.  Once on the Markets tab, you can filter thru the categories we have based on what you are trading. For example, if you want to make a trade for Fiat, click the Fiat tab and all the trades directly involving Fiat will be shown. 

The Markets tab also will show you the current price, volume of trades in the last 24 hours, market cap, circulating amounts, and change to the price within the past 24 hours on each trading line item. For additional information, you can click the corresponding line item to see a trading chart that has built-in tools to help you make decisions about your trades. 

Next, click the Buy or Sell icons on the right side of the trade you would like to order, and you can see the order details window. The order details window will show you the amount you have available in your wallet of corresponding currency you are using to complete you order. As an example, when placing a Buy order of BTC/USD, this will show you the amount of USD in your wallet. If you were completing a Sell order of BTC/USD, it will instead show you the amount of BTC in your wallet.

The order details window is where you can input the amount you wish to trade in the Amount field. You can review the Order Total, which is calculated based on the current price and the amount you have input to trade. The order details window also shows the amount of any related fees. Once you click the Place Order button located at the bottom of the window, Amplify then shows a confirmation tab, and gives you 15 seconds to finalize the order. After the order is confirmed, you can see the result of the order in the Transaction tab or by clicking the View My Orders button.

An order type defaults to a market order, which is placing an order effective immediately, based on current market prices. You can also place a limit order or stop order. For more details about limit and stop orders, please review our article located here.

There are some minimum amounts you can order, but these vary from trade to trade, depending on what is being traded. For example, a trading involving USD has a minimum of $0.01 USD, but a trade for BTC can go as low as 0.000001 BTC. 

There are more in-depth articles about trades on the right side of the page. If you have additional questions about completing trades on Amplify's Exchange, please review these. If you still have further questions, please submit a ticket to us at this link. 


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