If you are unable to place a trade, a few different things may be happening.

  • Your session may have timed out. This can occur if you log into another browser or log in on a mobile device without logging out of the other session.
  • Please ensure any trades you are ordering have sufficient funds, as this may cause a trade to fail or only be partially executed.
  • Please review your working limit or stop orders. You may be using funds already set aside to complete those orders. If you wish to complete the trade you are currently initiating, please cancel the related limit or stop order and reattempt your current order. 
  • Your account may have been disabled due to suspicious activity. Please review your email for notifications of any suspected activity. If this continues, please submit a ticket at this link.

In the event that our services are temporarily unavailable, either due to maintenance or other unforeseen issues, we strive to notify you. These notifications will be at the top of the webpage once you have logged in.

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