TPPP (A.K.A. Third Party Payment Processor): TPPP's are tools to provide security for transfers between institutions and consumers. 


API (A.K.A. Application Programming Interface): An API is a tool used to communicate between two parties securely and independently. For example, if you’ve ever visited a website and seen a message in your browser that the website is asking to see your precise location, that website is attempting to use the geolocation API in your web browser. Web browsers expose APIs like this to make it easy for web developers to access your location—they can just ask “where are you?” and the browser does the hard work of accessing GPS or nearby Wi-Fi networks to find your physical location. 

This can be used for payment processing between a consumer and an institution like us! 


Though we may not be launching with these tools we hope to add these features in the future to make your life easier. Please check back with us here for updates! 

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