Amplify Exchange vs Coinbase: Why Zero Commission Trading Gains Your More on Each Trade

Spot pricing is defined as the current price in the marketplace at which a given asset—such as a security, commodity, or currency—can be bought or sold for immediate delivery.  This is the price you are quoted when you go to an exchange and look to immediately buy or sell cryptocurrency.  Unfortunately most exchanges have fees that are tacked on after spot pricing that are not always clearly carved out which leaves most people receiving much less than they believed they would receive and leads to churning your trading account.  

With Amplify Exchange, we have cut out all that confusion with our Zero Commission Trading structure where there are no additional fees above spot pricing. To show you exactly what that means let’s take a look at an example comparing Amplify Exchange with one of the leading crypto brokerages in the world, Coinbase.  In this example of Amplify vs Coinbase, the spot pricing for Amplify was $8,826.80 per Bitcoin while Coinbase was $8,818.40. On the surface, this makes it appear as though Coinbase is $8.40 lower than Amplify, but let’s take a closer look.  When you add the Coinbase fee for this transaction of nearly 1.5%, or $14.68, you end up with a lower final cost on Amplify Exchange thanks to our commission free trading structure because there are no additional fees applied above spot pricing. so you always get exactly what you are expecting from every trade. In this instance Amplify clearly delivered you 1.4% more Bitcoin on your transaction than you would have received at Coinbase.  In video above you can see a side by side comparison of the order forms from Amplify Exchange and Coinbase both taken on November 11th at 1:49PM EST. Now you can see exactly what Commission Free Trading means to you as an Amplify customer.  

We are excited to be able to provide this level of service, and paired with deep liquidity, a smooth on-boarding experience, and features like Profit & Loss Analysis, we believe we have the best crypto brokerage on the planet so come and join us today at

Thank you for being part of the Amplify Journey as we deliver the perfect platform to Amplify your Digital Assets.

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