How to Access the Amplify Exchange Fiat Gateway

After registering your account, being about to deposit and withdraw fiat currency is simple and easy. You will first need to verify your account to level 2. You may have already done this if you followed the steps in the registration process. If you have not completed registration, here is another short video for Becoming a level 2 Crypto Trader During Initial Onboarding.

If you have not increased your verification level but have already completed your registration, sign into your Amplify Exchange account, click the icon in the upper right of your screen, and then click Account Settings from the drop down. From your Account Settings Profile, click the Increase Level button on the left.

This will bring up a window, which will show you the benefits of increasing your verification level. Please follow the steps and upload your documents, which will be a government issued ID and a form of address verification such as a bank statement or utility bill. After a brief confirmation that should take no longer than five minutes, you can begin depositing and withdrawing fiat currency!

If you are having trouble uploading verification documents, please make sure the documents you are uploading are formatted as .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .pdf files. Also make sure that none of the documents uploaded is larger than 16MB in size.

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