How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency from Amplify Exchange

Whether you are withdrawing your cryptocurrency to cold storage wallet or to another exchange, withdraws are easy to complete. After logging into your account, you are directed to the Portfolio page. Scroll down to the lower section of the Portfolio page, and locate the digital asset you wish to withdraw. 

Click the Send button on the right side of the line of the digital asset. This will display the withdrawal panel with a field for the public address of the wallet you are to where you are withdrawing your asset. Input your address, input the amount you want to send, and click Send button. You will receive a confirmation email with a link, and once you click the link Amplify will confirm the withdrawal. You can review the withdrawal from the Transactions tab on the exchange, and you will receive one last follow up email after the withdrawal is processed.

If you receive notification of a withdrawal that you did not initiate, please submit a ticket to us at this link immediately, so we can place your account on hold until it can be further reviewed.

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