Amplify Exchange Project Update: December 5th, 2019: Automated Trading, Fiat Gateway, and Referrals

What’s Coming Next

In the coming weeks we will be delivering some new and exciting features… Below is a preview of what is coming next to Amplify Brokerage.

1. Referral System

Remember when you first heard about cryptocurrency? Weren’t you excited to learn at what is on the horizon for the financial system of the world and wanted to know how you can be a part of that movement? Helping others learn how to get involved in cryptocurrency is something most of us enjoy and receiving a reward for doing that makes it even more exciting. Amplify will be rolling out very soon a referral system where you can help people get involved in cryptocurrency and earn crypto while you do it. Simply posting the referral link to your social networks, your web-site or sending the link to friends accomplishes all of this so we are excited to do our part in making cryptocurrency easier to get involved with for all.

2. Automated Trading

Automated trading is becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency space. The ability to define trading strategies and have software execute them for you while you sleep is very appealing to many. Like Coinbase, Binance, and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Amplify will be opening our API for Automated Trading very soon. Unlike those competitors though, orders executed through the API are also commission free so you can make as many trades as you like. You will not be charged trading commission fees so the number or volume of your trades has no bearing on your fees. This should be very exciting to advanced traders who use automated software to execute a high volume of trades.

3. Fiat Trading

Last but certainly not least is fiat trading. We have all had the question, now that I’ve done well with cryptocurrency how do I get fiat currency back out so I can pay my bills? Or for those new to cryptocurrency, how do I get money from my bank account into an exchange so I can buy my first cryptocurrency? Both of these transactions require a fiat gateway and Amplify will be adding fiat gateway in the coming weeks. You will be able to deposit and withdraw US dollars after the rollout once you have completed Level 2 verification. Following US dollars we will add in Euros, Great British Pound and other currencies in a regular rollout schedule.


That's all the updates for now, but you can stay up to date with Amplify on our News & Announcements page, or on our Social Media.

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