Please be be cautious with all outside resources as we are providing suggestions and are not liable for the personal decision to use the suggestions at your own risk. 


Currently we are supporting the following browsers and will continue to expand our supported browsers. 

Please keep in mind that if your browser is not listed we can not assure its functionality. 

In order to assure the best quality and function, please make sure your browser is within the two most recent release versions. 


General Browser Troubleshooting

1.) Check to make sure your internet connection is not overcrowded. You may also need to reset your network. 

2.) Please check that you are suing a supported browser

3.) Check that you are using a supported Operating System. 

4.) Check that your browser has been updated within the last two release versions. 

5.) Try closing your bowser completely and opening a new session. 

6.) Delete your temporary files and cache in your browser settings. 

7.) Disable your browser plug-ins or extensions. 

8.) Reset your browser zoom settings. 

9.) Open your browser in a private or incognito mode. 

10.) Submit a ticket. Contact Support HERE!


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Chrome – Latest
Edge – Latest
Firefox – Latest
Safari – Latest

Operating Systems
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7, service pack 1 – EOS Jan 14, 2020
Mac OS – Mojave
Mac OS – High Sierra
Mac OS - Catalina
Linux - latest
Android - latest

1140p and greater - large  
720p – 1140p – tablet
320p – 720p – Mobile
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