Get Your Amplify Referral Code and Earn Free Cryptocurrency

We are excited to announce that our post launch referral campaign is active and already available to you if you are verified Amplify customer. Each person you refer that signs up and executes a trade will earn you 250 AMPX and it is so easy to do.

Start at the Amplify homepage, which is, and click the “Sign In” button at the top of the page. Login using your credentials you setup at onboarding. If you haven’t completed Level 1 onboarding, follow this link to an article to help you get started.

After successful login you will be redirected to your Portfolio page where you can view your account balances and 24 hour profit and loss information. In the top right corner click the drop down and click on the “Account Settings” link. This is the page where you can update your information or submit to increase your Access level. Click the “Referrals” link as seen in the video to be redirected to your Referrals page.

On this page you can see the summary of how many referrals you have earned both from the pre-registration campaign and the current referral campaign. The first thing you need to do though is create your referral code. Type in a unique alphanumeric phrase. You can use something that makes sense like “amplifyexchange” or something very random as seen in the video. Click “Save” to generate the URL. You can now click the “Copy” button to simply copy the link if you want to share it directly or use the Social Media buttons below your URL to generate the message for you.

When any registrants that are linked to you who at any time make their first trade, you will receive 250 AMPX tokens. If you are curious what AMPX is, please click on this link for more information.

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