Cryptocurrency Trading Competition with $10k USD of Bitcoin in Prizes: 12/21/19 thru 1/4/20

The trading competition will run for two weeks from December 21st at 01:00AM UTC to January 4th at 01:00AM UTC.

We are now ready to roll out our first trading competition where you can trade commission free, any asset, with $10k of reward in Bitcoin where even the trader in LAST PLACE has a designated reward of $500 of Bitcoin. Unlike other exchanges you can be as active as you want during this trading competition because we take no trading fees from our retail customers! Additionally, this is not a trading competition for one individual asset, we are extending this trading competition to all 16 assets listed on our platform so whether you are a Cardano trader or stick with Bitcoin trading only you can participate as actively as you like and all your trading activity is credited against the competition (excluding self trading with your own account).

The rules are simple.

In order to trade and be qualified, you must be a Level 1 verified user.

You can trade any asset we support which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Augur, 0x, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, EOS, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, and Neo.

Your total trade volume will be calculated at the end of the competition and you will be ranked in order.

Traders ranked 1-5 will receive half of the prize payout, $5,000, split up proportionately among the group. For example if the top Trader makes up 20% of the volume of the top 5 traders that person will receive $1,000 paid in Bitcoin

The remaining pool will be divided in a lucky draw format to 10 traders as follows:

Traders numbered 17, 27, 57, 107, 157, 207, 257, 307, 357, 407, 457, 507, 557, 1007 and EVEN the LOWEST trader (meaning whoever executed a trade of at least $1 but was very last in the rankings) will all receive $500 each in Bitcoin.


This trading competition is COMPLETE.

Here are the Winners of the Top 5 Pool
  • wl***@******
  • ha*******@****
  • li*********@****
  • a**********@*****.com
  • ar***********@***
Lucky Draw

10 users were awarded $500 in Bitcoin each just for having a trading volume over 1 DOLLAR. If you missed out you can join the new Trading Competition by viewing the rules at this link. You simply need to onboard, make a deposit, and trade ANY asset! It’s so easy!


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